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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 The actions of drugs Sources and names of drugs Most of all the drugs 50 years ago came from plants now are syntheticly made Those who learned how to use the plants effectively were known to be loved by manyNaming of drugsChemical complete chemical description of the molecule rarely used except in lab situationGeneric official legal name shorter than chemical name They are public domain meaning they can not be trademarked Brand specific formulation and manufacturer and trademark belongs to manufacturer Name is simple and meaningful on what it does New ways of making a drug can be patentedOther companies can sell the same drug but must use the generic nameCategories of drugs Drugs can either be used 1 recurationaly 2as a entheogen for spiritual purposes 3 medication Classification can differ but usually on how it affects the brainoStimulants affect CNS ex Amphetamines cocaine nicotine oDepressantsaffect CNS ex Barbiturates alcohol oHallucinogens affect perception ex LSD ecstasyMDMA PCPsee pictures charts on pg 88PharmacodynamicsPharmacodynamics includes drug action and drug effects Drug action interaction of the drug with its receptor Drug effects resulting behavioursal cognitive and emnotoonal changes that are produced following drug action oMust be taken by a living a living organsism
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