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Chapter 4

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Bruce Mc Kay

Chapter 4 The nervous system Components of the nervous systemGlia 1050 times more glia cells than neurons allow for communication with other cells oAble to produce a bloodbrain barrier this is a semiperiable membrane that protects the brain from potentially dangerious toxic chemicals A psychoactive drug must be able to pass through the bloodbrain barrier Only small lipophilic molecules can pass through the membrane Neurons responsible for analyzing and transmitting information oAll have 4 defined regions 1Cell body2Dendrites 3An axon4Presynaptic terminalsoNeuron send signals down the axon to synaptic terminals Neurotransmission Action potential Begins a chain of events that allows communication through the release of neurotransmitters Action potentials occur as a result from the ion channels opening Changes cause the cell to move away from its resting potential at 70mV to a more positive voltage Cell membrane has an uneven distribution of ions between intracellular and extracellular oIntracellularK oExtracellularNa and Cl refer to pg 67 68 for more info picturesNervous system
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