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Chapter 3

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Eric Theriault

Chapter 3 Notes – Social Inequalities, Social Justice and Health • Germ theory; focuses on controlling specific pathogens rather than social reform • Social Darwinism innate inferiority, not social injustice, was the cause of ill-health • Black Report, a report on health inequalities and the relationship between health and work, named after Sir Douglas Black - Portrayed that unskilled manual workers had poorer health than the those classifies as professionals • Social class I = best off, social class V = worst off • Health inequalities are characteristics of all modern industrial societies • SES (socioeconomic status) is normally defined in terms of occupation, income and education • SES strongly correlated to illness • Original Whitehall study designed to examine the risk factors for coronary heart disease on civil servants • Whitehall II study was on the objective of this social gradient on health status • Bronfenbrenner’s EcologicalApproach (Systems theory approach), influences on 4 systems: - Microsystems: families, schools, neighbourhoods - Mesosystems: peer groups - Exosystems: parental support systems, parental workplaces - Macrosystems: political philosophy, social policy • Systems form a nested set; the previous one inside the other • Ecological systems theory assumes that human development can only be understood in reference to the structural ecosystems - Of key importance is the principle that it is the perceived environment and not the so called objective environment that affects human behavior and experience • Chamberlain’s 4 lay person views on health: - Solitary View: presented by low SES people, sees health as involving only physical components of energy, lack of symptoms and a good diet - Dualistic View: held by some lower SES and some higher SES people, sees health as having both physical and mental aspects, which
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