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Carolyn Ensley

Chapter 15 and 17Chapter 15 Group Therapy Family Therapy and Couples TherapyChapter 17 Health Psychology and behavioural MedicineHistory and Perspectivesnot until 1970s this type of psychology came to be well knownbehavioural medicine integration of behavioural sciences with the practice and science of medicinehealth psychology psychs primary role as a science and profession in behavioural medicineBiomedical Tradition Perspective used the germ theory through experience and observation focuses on biological factors and adopts a reductionist view Reinforces mindbody dualism this is limited and too narrowPsychosocial perspective psych and social processes cause or influence illness and disease Moved its name to psychomatic medicine certain illness and disease are caused my psychological factors ie peptic ulcers bronchial asthma Note a very great theory as it cannot predict illness and psych factors do not always have a primary role increase in the use of biofeedback to help patients control or modify certain physiological responsesprofessionals then turned to two of the biggerst killers cardiovascular disease and cancer and attributed certain behavious such as smoking drinking and overeatingstressful life events became risk factorsType A personality hostile competitive timedriventhe recogntition that psychological and social factors influence illness and health is known as biopsychosocial modelLinking Stress Lifestyle and Behaviour Personality Social Support and HealthStress and Healthmost contemporary health psychologists view stress as a process that involves an environmental event appraisal by person response and reevaluartionTransactional modelthe perception of stress causes sympathetic nervous system to stimuluate adrenal medulla and adrenal gland to produce adrenaline and norepinephrinethe effects include increased heart rate respiration blood flow and muscle strength
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