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John Stephens

Chapter 1: Clinical Psychology: An Introduction What is Clinical Psychology? - The field of clinical psychology integrates o Science o Theory o Practice - Helps us understand and alleviate discomfort and dysfunction - Promotes human adaptation, adjustment, and personal development Clinical Psychology Focuses On - Intellectual - Emotional - Biological - Psychological - Social - Behavioural Factors across the life span, in varying cultures and at all socioeconomic levels Closely Related Mental Health Professionals Psychiatry - Rooted in the medical tradition - Regards psychopathology as a mental “illness” that can be remedied with a medical treatment (i.e. medication) - Required medical degree in addition to a residency in psychiatry - Psychiatrists can be referred to as medical physicians - Declining field? o Prescription privileges o Decrease in interest o Perceived lack of prestige Counseling Psychology - Traditionally work with normally or maladjusted individuals - Historically focuses on educational or career counseling - Currently represent wide range of theoretical orientations and treat clients across the life span - In general provides the following services: o Preventative treatment o Consultation o Development of outreach programs o Vocational counseling o Short-term counseling/therapy from one to fifteen sessions Differences Between Clinical and Counseling Doctoral Programs Clinical - Twice as many applicants as counseling programs - Average GRE scores of accepted students slightly higher - Research focusing on psychological disorders, clinical health psychology, and clinical child and adolescent psychology is more common Counseling - Higher percentage of ethnic minority students and those with master’s degrees - Research focusing on minority/cross cultural issues and vocational testing more common Closely Related Mental Health Professionals Continued Clinical Social Workers - Mental health professionals trained in psychiatric diagnosis, individual and group psychotherapy - Training limited to a 2 year master’s degree program -
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