YC230 Chapter 6: Chapter 6 pages 175 to 194

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Youth & Children's Studies
Annette Chretien

Chapter 6 pages 175 194 Control of musical knowledge is another area where gender considerations arise o In India whether the learners are male or female most teachers are male o In japan, few famous male performers of kto, instruction on the instrument has passed almost entirely into the purview of woman o Authoritative role of leader in musical ensembles subject to gender considerations orchestral world, gender barriers are tall Ideas about masculinity and feminity can be understand considering the matter of performance styles o India, concerts by woman stressed harmonious ensemble performance rather than the jousting improvisational back and forth affiliated with improvisation and gendered as male musical behaviour Star singers of the Turkish urban art genre fasil performance often involves considerable gender ambiguity, since many noted singers have been transgendered or transsexual o In Chinese opera, doesnt matter the gender either can play what role Multipleidentities focus on boundaries in ethnomusicological study has led us to understand identity in a number of way not only types of identities such as national, regional and gender but from many perspectives Social identities are multiple and situational relative o The pan for Trinidadians once symbolizing the poor has now become an international recognized emblem for a unified national community Mexican mariachi source of national identity and pride but also neglected and victimized by class prejudice on the other o Mariachi is a predict of the Mexican Americans Authenticity association of music with national ethic and other types of identity gives rise to one issue largely due to nationalism Linking of authenticity to music came through by Herder: language makes human human but it must be learned socially in a community o Thought is based on language, human thought is a community product o Each language manifest unique values and ideas o Expression of the collective spirit became an explicit goal of the arts distinctive culture could server both as a marker of difference in external relations and a symbol behind which citizenry could rally as a community Authenticity became an object thing and a quality Folklore was authentic wisdom, folk music the true music of people Eith folklore elevated in baue, its appropriation by elite culture to express national identity began to flourish
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