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ADMS1000 {CASE STUDY} Facebook Jan 7th, 2013 Facebook and the Business Context For reference: General Environment: Specific/Task Environment: 1) Society 1) Customers 2) Technology 2) Suppliers 3) Global 3) Employees 4) Political 4) Competitors 5) Economic 5) Unions 6) Competitive 6) Government 7) Labour 7) Etc. 1) What elements of the external environment do you think contributed to Facebook’s success? Technologically innovative in social networks, Facebook was superior to existing platforms. It was built like the thought process of the everyday mind. Society appreciated the original exclusivity of a platform for college students gave Facebook the strong foundation is was able to build on. And it’s easy. There’s no need for personal html coding to personalize your page, or an arduous process to upload pictures. The ease of use for a large demographic definitely contributed to Facebook’s success. 2) Which elements are beginning to create challenges for Facebook Competitors that pop are
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