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The Urge to Merge

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Eytan Lasry

The Urge to Merge By Sharda Prashad ADMS 1000Incothe mining giant that grew out of a nickelrich hole in the ground in Sudbury is being courted by two suitorsone Canadian the other American o Falconbridge Incos rival seems all but certain to fall into foreign hands with a tempting offer by Switzerlands Xstrata on the table Whenever a Canadian company is in play the debate resurfaces o How important is it for our country to keep Canadian companies in Canadian handsIn the case of Inco and Falconbridge its not just about preserving Canadian ownership of one or two companies but also about preserving an entire industry In Canada 1 in 5 companies has a foreign owner according to the latest statistics Canada data The argument for having a head office in Canada is also familiar if CEOs are located in head offices in Canada they will be more likely to make decisions that will help the Canadian economy Job cuts will be in other countries research and development will remain profits will stay in the country In order to qu
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