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Chapter 5

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ADMS 2511
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Chapter 5  Three main usages or application of Network application: - Discovery - Communication - Collaboration  Meta-search engines: search several engines at once and integrate the findings of the various search engines to answer queries posted by users.  Portal 入口 is a web-based, personalized gateway to information and knowledge that provides relevant information from different IT systems and the Internet using advanced search and indexing techniques.  Commercial (public) portal are intended for broad and diverse audiences, and they offer fairly routine content, some in real time.  Affinity 类同 portals offer a single point of entry to an entire community of people with affiliated interest, such as hobby groups or a political party  Corporate portals offer a personalized, single point of access through a web browser to critical business information located inside and outside of an organization.  Industry-wide portal serve entire industries  Mobile portal are portals that are accessible from mobile devices  Types of Communication: - E-mail - Web-based call centers - Electronic chat room (web-based chat program and e-mail-based program) - Voice Communication (Internet telephony/VoIP) - Unified Communications (UC) simplifies and integrates all forms of communications  Collaboration Refers to efforts by two or more entities ( that is, individuals, teams, groups, or organizations) who work together to accomplish certain tasks - Workflow is the movement of information as it flows through the sequence of steps that makes up an organization’s work procedures. - Virtual collaboration refers to the use of digital technologies that enable organization or individual to collaboratively (finished or develop) products, and innovative applications. - Crowdsourcing, which refers to outsourcing a task to an undefined, generally large group of people in the form of an open call - Synchronous & Asynchronously 不同步的  Collaboration Software - Microsoft SharePoint Workspace - IBM Lotus Quickr - Google Dos - Jive  Electronic Teleconferencing is the use of electronic communication that allows two or more people at different locations to hold a simultaneous conference.  Videoconference, participants in one location can see participants’ documents and presentations.  Telepresence, enables participants to seamlessly share data, voice, pictures,
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