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Chapter 6

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 3660

ADMS 3660 Lecture 2 CHAPTER 6 3 Major approaches to thinking about business ethics: - Conventional Approach, Principles Approach, & Ethical Test Approach Conventional Approach: - Follows society's general views (uses the majorities view to reach conclusion) What are the sources of our social norms? - Culture, history, social media, religion etc - Law sets the minimal standard of ethics and social norms. It only tells us what we should do Ethics, economics and law are the central competing expectations that must be considered and balanced against each other in the quest to make wise decisions. 4 Important Ethical Questions 1. "What is" (question forces us to face the reality of what is actually going on) 2. "What ought to be" (what should be done in a given situation) 3. "How do we get from is, to where we ought to be" (Bridging the gap between where we are and where we ought to be) 4. "What is our motivation" (appearing ethical will shine a better light on the business) 3 models of management ethics 1. Immoral (Deceit, void of ethical principles, managers know right from wrong) 2. Moral (Highest standard of ethics, fairness, respect for rights) (example 183) 3. Amoral (Can be immoral if intentional but different because of motivation) Intentional amoral management do not factor ethical considerations in their decisions, actions, and behaviours because they believe that business operatoes outside of the s
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