ADMS 1000 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Hierarchical Organization, Flat Organization, Job Enrichment

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ADMS 1000 Full Course Notes
ADMS 1000 Full Course Notes
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Bureaucratic style= tall/hierarchical, rigid, rule oriented, buffered from environment, narrow market. organizations react faster to demands of changing environment. more responsibility & self-managing from the lower levels. People closest to customers or producing the product are more involved in the decision making process. no longer need to maintain a fixed supply of labour; make as demands come. Less focus on the need for unity of command & authority. more integration among departments is encouraged cross-functional work groups. Building a close relationship with external environment; organization has a close relationship with suppliers or others companies www. notesolution. com. globalization increase in competition, greater access to more markets. An organization may have networks of members from across the world. Social entities they are generated & maintained by people; involve human interaction. Interact with the environment organizations obtain inputs from its environment (raw materials, people, technology etc), then they are transformed into outputs (goods, services etc)