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thReading Chapter 11 14for November 6 2012 Chapter 11 Culturebound Syndromes A Reevaluation IntroSocial psychiatry evolved into cultural psychiatryindigenous methods of medicine were given in large parts of the world distress became medicalizednew symptoms were created Some believe culturebound syndromes are episodicdramatic reactions specific to a particular community Hughes uniquedistinctive but in those who are seen as the others This is a reflection of eurocentric heritageDefinitionsCulture bound syndromes rare exotic with unpredictablechaotic behaviours seen as uncivilized These behaviours are placed in the context of western diagnostic systems without any cultural links between environmental stressorssocial environments which become medicalized Theres a contextual frame of reference for understanding clinical significance of these conditionsFor over a century culturebound syndromes were seen in the east but recently in western society ie bulimia shoplifting type A personality contribute to failure of achieving goals leading to aggressivenessimpatience in interpersonal relationships Can be the result of egocentric or individualistic societies Individualistic cultures have weaker kinship linksless focus on nuclear family higher divorcecrime rates collectivist cultures have more emphasis on kinship which forms ones identitypeople share materialnonmaterial resources SocietyillnessDifferent rates of common mental disordersdue to different economic socialpolitical structuresbound means its not confined to one culture but these are culturebound which creates confusionIt implies deviance from standard diagnostic base underlying conflictexoticforeign exciting2 major diagnostic classification systems have incorporated culture as a factor in diagnosisVarieties of culturebound syndromes Dhat semenloss anxiety somatic symptoms of fatigue weakness anxiety loss of appetite guiltsymptoms of sexual dysfunction due to loss of semen through nocturnal emissions or masturbation or loss through urine Historical info influences the individual psycheknowledge that semen is important Physical symptoms of anxietydepression give rise to physical symptoms which present somaticallyDifferent social classes are what determines if one will seek treatment Dietmarriage are potential management strategiesavoiding bad company masturbationaccess to exotic literature The preoccupation of dhat is a hypochondriacal preoccupation seems to be associated with other psychiatric disordersof a somatic form In chinaWomen have the ability to steal fluid from menthis loss of semen can lead to disease Loss through sexual intercourse or masturbation creates anxiety because semen has jing which is vital for energy producing weakness This is associated with the culturebound syndrome of korobelief that penis is shrinking into the bodydisappearing Essential that women reach orgasm so that man would get her yinhis ejaculation in sex is considered the yangtheres a balance of exchanges
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