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Chapter 1

chapter 1 - Light and Life.docx

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BIOL 1000
Paula Wilson

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Chapter 1 - Light has two functions: provides energy and gives information about the physical world - Pigment – molecule that can absorb a photon - Structure of pigment – carbon atoms are covalently bonded to each other by single or double bonds. This is called a conjugated system - Compound eye – the animal has more than one eye and each one of the eyes grasp very little light, thus with all the eyes working organisms are able to grasp the entire image. - Omatidium – a unit of eye - Single lens eye – human eye Rhodpsin a highly conserved photoreceptor - Most common photoreceptor in nature is Rhodopsin - each rhodopsin molecule consist of opsin - The absorption of a photon of light causes the retinal pigment molecule to change shape Damage by light: Direct Effects - Too much exposure can damage the biological molecules - Ultraviolet lights can damage the structure of the DNA by disrupting the hydrogen bonds between the nitrogenous bases and forming dimmers. Dimmers can prevent the replication of the DNA. This can lead to genetic mutation - All photosynthetic organisms have carternoids, accessory pigment that can protect t
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