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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 summary

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York University
BIOL 1001
Tamara Kelly

Theory created by Darwin and WallaceBefore theory of evolution by natural selection the explanation for the diversity of organisms was called the theory of special creationTheories made up of a pattern component statement that summarizes a series of observations about the natural world facts and a process component mechanism that produces that patternset of observationsTheory of special creationPattern1 All species are independent unrelated to each other2 Life on earth is young 6000 years old3 Species are incapable of changeProcess The mechanismprocess that explained this patter was instantaneous and independent creation of living organisms by a supernatural being1 The evolution of evolutionary thought p40Plato and typological thinkingtypological thinkinga type of thinking based on the idea that species are unchanging and that variations of species is unimportant or misleadingPlato was a greek philosopher believed that every organism was perfect unchanging and created by godPlato believed that theseorganisms may only slightly deviate from the perfect typeGod made one perfect type of each organism every other is a copyAristotle and the Great Chain of BeingScala NaturaeGreat chain of being Aristotle believed that species were organized into a sequence or ladder based on increased size and complexity with humans being on topBelieved that species were fixed unchangingBelieved that some species were superior over others in the sense of complexityLamarck and the idea of evolution as change through time Proposed a formal theory of evolution species are not static but change through timePattern component of theory initially based on the great chain of beingBelieved that simple organisms originate from the base of the chain via spontaneous generation and evolve by moving up the chain timeHis theory was progressive that organisms complexity over time and become bigger better species essentiallyHis theory made the great chain of being which was referred to as a ladder more similar to an escalator trying to reach superiority complexity
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