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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 notes

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BIOL 1001
Tamara Kelly

Chapter 3 Notes BIOL 1001 31 Biodiversity Biodiversity The richness of living systems as reflected in genetic variability within and among species the number of species living on Earth and the variety of communities and ecosystems Biosphere All regions of Earths crust waters and atmosphere that sustain life One way to organize organisms is according to how they obtain carbon either autotrophs or heterotrophs Autotrophs An organism that produces its own food using carbon dioxide and other inorganic compounds from its environment and energy from the sun or from oxidation of inorganic substances Oxides containing carbon are considered an organic molecule Inorganic molecule A molecule without carbon atoms in its structure Organisms can also be divided according to their energy source chemotrophs which obtain energy by oxidizing inorganic or organic substances or phototrophs which obtain energy from light Carbon Source Oxidation of Molecules Light energy sourceenergy sourceCO2Chemoautotroph found in Photoautotroph found in some bacteria and archeans some photosynthetic not found in eukaryotesbacteria in some protists and plantsOrganic MoleculesChemoheterotroph found Photoheterotroph found in some bacteria and in some photosynthetic archeans and also in bacteriaprotists fungi animals and plantsHierarchy of life1Cell smallest unit with the capacity to live and reproduce independently or as part of a multicellular organism 2Multicellular organism individual consisting of interdependent cells 3Population group of individuals of the same kind the same species that occupy the same area4Community populations of all species that occupy the same area 5Ecosystem group of communities interacting with their shared physical environment abiotic factors 6Biosphere all regions of Earths crust waters and atmosphere that sustain life
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