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FILM 2401
Kispal- Kovacs Kovacs

Hollywood Goes To War Notes 07  WWII began on September 1,1939 when Germany invaded Poland The US had no interest in getting involved in another European conflict& entered after bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941  Office of War Information (OWI) President Roosevelt created the OWI under executive order 9182 in June 1942  Assist the media in spreading the message about supporting the war BMP: make films to support the war effort and to make films that portrayed the US in a positive light Didn’t have power to stop films from being made or shown HOWEVER they did exercise significant amount of moral suasion and used it to keep filmmakers from doing anything that wasn’t patriotic.  The Manuel (pages 112-113)  SCREENINGS;  Casablanca (1924) --pages 114-117 Sophisticated propaganda film  Set in unoccupied Africa during the early days of World War II: An American expatriate meets a former lover, with unforeseen complications.  COMBAT FILMS OF WWII  Not a lot of movies made in the US about war prior to 1942.  WWII combat film would become the model for all other American movies made about war after  Sahara (1943)  Way OWI influences filmmaking during the war  Set in North Africa where the US eventually joined with British forces to defeat German army had tried to take it over  Since You Went Away (1944) About duties of those who remained ay home during wartime Anne Hilton’s husband Tim has gone off the war; she is now head of household and she becomes a model of the kinds of representation of home life that the OWI wanted to demonstrate( dealing with wartime shortages)  THE MARCH OF TIME”LABOR & DEFENSE (DECEMBER 1940) Concerns the American government had about organized labors contributed t attitude to the war effort Made before Pearl Harbor; it clearly demonstrates the level of war preparation already underway  HO
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