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Chapter 7

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Health Studies
HLST 1010
Dennis Raphael

Chapter 7 Social Class and Health Inequalities This chapter looks into the relationship between social class and health inequalities. It states how individuals who have a good education and a job with good pay tend to live longer than individuals who do not. It makes it evident that health is positively related to an individual’s income, which creates an increase of health inequality in Canada. Wealthy people have much more available to them than people who are in the working class or poor. For example, individuals who aren’t as wealthy may delay going to the physicians when ill because they do not want to take a day off and be unpaid just to visit the doctor. However, individuals who are wealthy can easily take a day off to go to the doctors without a worry about missing a pay day. This shows that individuals who have a relatively low income are at greater risk of experiencing health problems. Members in society gain advantage based on numerous factors such as, income, educations, occupations and their level in social paradi
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