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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 1930
Saeed Hydaralli

The Question of Equity in Health II - Recall: Less tolerant of inequalities in health than in a variety of other inequalities (say income). - We understand that health to be a special good with both intrinsic and instrumental value (vs. exclusively instrumental value of income - Income in equality is necessary and acceptable (Income is a reward, motivating factor) - Allow for income equality for a variety of reasons - Health has an intrinsic value - Health directly impacts (enables or obstructs) life chances - “Health is among the most important conditions of human life and… capabilities…” (Sen, 23) - “without health nothing is of any use not money nor anything else” - Eg. Untouchables; Man has lots of money, but is quadrapoledic - In the recent study by the World Bank… ill health and its consequences emerged from interviews with over 60,000 poor persons as the primary reason for impoverishment (Evans 2001) - Bad health will limit you - Equity tied to notion of fairness - Cant intervene to make everyone have the same starting position - is a critical building block, or capability to a better and more meaningful life and ill health a huge threat to social and economic well-being o Social aspect of well-being - Here we want to note, to be taken up later in the course, that health itself is a complex nothing (see for instance, Daniels et all, 1999) - This complexity will have some influence on how we address the issue of equity - The moment you join the community, the community makes demands on you - Absence of good health is a denial of equality of opportunity (Anand, 18) - Equity is tied to fairness which references a fair distribution of equality of o
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