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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

Chapter 9 KINE 1000 PhysicalActivity, Health, Human Rights and Transformation By: R. Jensen • More rich societies can ignore the ways the emotional dimension of politic affects them. • This reading looks at issues that arise when we look at the connection between personal political in the context of being citizens of a nation seeking global dominance. Seeking pain and reducing pleasure • Human beings need to seek pain and reduce our pleasure to become best people possible. • Astudent came into the author’s office crying, and feeling sad over the Iraq War. The author thinks its better to feel this pain then be ignorant. • Student said is it worth it to invest so much money for Third world countries, even though there is overpopulation? Author made her feel bad about saying that. • Without empathy, we cannot change the world. We must realize much of the pain is the result of a system to ensure our pleasure. The pain of cluster bombs • People can see feel more pain for those in certain situations ( rape, natural disaster) but not for those undergoing Systematized brutality (by the government/society/culture) and this is due to the way we are educated/entertained. This is shown in the example of the girl. • Human Rights Watch has called for global moratorium (suspension) on cluster bombs because they cause civilian causalities. • The response by Join Chief of Staff to the use of cluster bombs is that “war is a very ugly affair”. • The place that makes these bombs, America, the state of Minnesota have nice people but people that die because of these bombs do not think we are nice. • Author talks about cluster bombs to know that the U.S. governments quest for global power results in innocent people dying and he wants people to question whose freedom are they really fighting for? The cost of our pleasures • How is the U.S high consumption of resources related to foreign policy and military intervention? • Aperson named Kennan argues for restraint in U.S. policy in the East and advocates ditching the idealistic slogans about freedom in the East. His statement embodies the philosophy of rich people in the U.S. whose goal is to subordinate the interests of others to make the rich richer. • People in middle class America who live comfortably have come to believe that their continued comfort depends on U.S. dominance around the world and that is why middle class Americans support policies and wars of dominance to protect their comfort. • Author believes the level of consumption ofAmerica can only be maintained if people in other places suffer deprivation. • The source of poverty derives from economic domination of the underdeveloped world by the developed world. We make sure that the poor still poor. • Why do we need to reduce our consumption? • Because the world does not have enough resources to give to everyone. • There is a self interested reason as high consumption keeps us from experiencing joy. Material gains do not show us true joy. • Arguments like “there is enough resources, or technology will save
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