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Olympic Games: Athletes in Action

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Parissa Safai

Olympic Games Athletes in ActionsPioneers and Progress 18961936 By R MechikoffIntroductionModern Olympics origins1896 in AthensoEnablesAthletes of all races cultures colours creeds and political beliefs can meet and compete against each other Communication can be established that will promote international understanding and appreciation for cultural diversityAthletes can test themselves against the best in the worldIdeals of fair play and character formation through athletic participation are promoted throughout the worldAction as a force for world peace and cooperationoRun by the International Olympic Committee IOCThe Architects of the Modern Olympic Games Dr William Penny Brookes and Baron Pierre de CoubertinModern Olympic Games were established in England in 1850 by Dr William Penny BrookesoWenlock Olympics local including limited sportsBecause of the defeat the French experienced in the FrancoPrussian war Pierre de Coubertin decided to devote his life to improving the national character of the French youth through athletic competitionoWas invited to the Wenlock Olympics by Brookes they became friendsWas inspired to revive the Olympic Games Thought this would inspire the French youth and athletics would be implemented into the school systemMembers of the International Congress of Paris voted to reestablish the Olympic Games ndat Coubertins 2 proposal First IOCVikelaspresident Greek delegate of the Congress Coubertinsecretary Brookeshonorary memberCoubertin did not want women to be allowed to compete in the OlympicsoFirst women of the IOC1982The First Olympiad Athens 1896Greeks found it difficult financially to prepare for the OlympicsThere was a problem convincing sporting associations that the Olympics was legitExclusively for menstnd Only 1 silver and 2bronze place finishers were recognized Greeks took home the most medals and wanted all the Olympics to be held in GreeceThe marathon was bornThe Second Olympiad Paris 1900The French were indifferent to the Olympics and Coubertin found it difficult to find appropriate facilities
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