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Health and Health Promotion

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Parissa Safai

Health and Health PromotionCosmetic Surgery Paying for Your Beauty By Debra L GimlinMany peopletheorists bash plastic surgery and classify it as the ultimate invasion of the human body for the sake of physical appearanceoThe cosmetic surgery industry is rapidly growing none the less in the number of procedures and practitionersPlastic surgery used to only be associated with fixing war and occupational injuries Now the main procedureslipo boob job blepharoplasty face liftThere are many dangers involved in plastic surgeriesPeople who criticize plastic surgery worry about the implications these procedures will have on the way people conceptualize the body and identityTechnological advances in plastic surgery have been beneficial to many different realms of the medical worldThree main pointsoPlastic surgery often worksIt is rare that people become plastic surgery fiends most get their flaw fixed are satisfied and seek no further modificationsoCriticism of plastic surgery directed at gender issues often understate the extent to which this activity involves gender at an intersection with age ethnicity race and classSpeaks to the damage of AngloSaxon ideals of beauty Ex Chinese fixing their eyes Jews fixing their noses and th
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