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Chapter 14

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3340
Nickolas Wattie

Chapter 14 Fundamental ObjectControl Skills of ChildhoodObject control skillsarm throwing 1 or 2 handed catch striking objectsImplements are rackets and batsNon implement skills are dribbling place kicking and puntingOverarm ThrowingMany throwing patterns underarm sidearm overarmOverarm onehanded throw is divided into 3 phases 1preparatory phaseconsists of all movements directed away from the intended line of projection 2the execution phases consists of all movements performed in the direction of the throw 3 the followthrough phase consists of all movements performed following the release of the projectileDevelopmental Stages of ThrowingMovement progresses from an anteriorposterior plane to horizontal planeThe base of support changes from a stationary to a shifting positionMotor development sequence for preparatory phase of throwing 4 stagesstep 1 lack of any preparatory backswing once ball is grasped its moved directly forwardstep 2 ball brought up beside the head by upward humorous flexion and exaggerated elbow flexionstep 3subdivided into 1 of 3 options option 1 circular overhead preparatory movement with the elbow extended option 2 preparatory movement characterized by a lateral swing backward option 3 is a simple vertical lift of the throwing armstep 4 preparatory phase circular arm action in which arm moves down and backBy grade 2 boys were mostly in step 4 and girls had begun to exhibit this most advanced movement patternDevelopment within component parts may proceed at different rate in the same individual or at different rates in different individualsDevelopmental Performace Trends for Overarm ThrowingTo study changes in throwing performance you can measure distancemost common accuracy and velocityRoberton used velocity boys velocity increased 504 feet per second per year range 58 ftsyr for girls its 23ftsyrGirls increases to 245ftsyrBoys are better in all age groups for everythingAfter 20 yrs difference between boys and girls velocity of throw did not narrowConstraints on the Development of Overarm Throwing
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