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Chapter 11

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York University
MKTG 2030
Linda Reeser

CHAPTER 11 Retailing Special DeliveryRetailing The final stop in the distribution channel by which goods and services are sold to consumers for their personal useo Wheel of Retailing Hypothesis A theory that explains how retail firms change becoming more upscale as they go through their life cycleo Retail Life Cycle A process that focuses on the various retail life cycle stages from introduction to declineThe Evolution Continues Whats In Store for the Future o Demographics Convenience for Working Women Catering to Specific Age Segments Recognizing ethnic diversityo Technology Point of Sale Systems Retail computer systems that collect sales data and are hooked directly into the stores inventory control systemo GlobalizationTypes of RetailersClassifying Retailers by What They Sello Merchandise Mix The total set of all products offered for sale by a firm including all product lines for sale by a firm including all product lines sold to all consumer groupso Merchandise Assortment The range of products soldo Merchandise Breadth The number of different product lines availableo Merchandise Depth The variety of choices available for each specific product o Scrambled Merchandising A m
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