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NATS 1760
Darrin Durant

NATS 1760DARRIN DURANT JAMES ELWICKMonday January 21 2013JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS pg 301324Christopher ChabrisDaniel SimonsMeasles is among the most infectious viruses affecting childrenWhen a person with measles sneezes another person can contract the disease just by breathing the air in the room or touching a contaminated surface Active for up to two hours Rash first visible symptom Serious complications of the disease include blindness severe dehydration diarrhea encephalitis and pneumonia2005 Cincinnati outbreak where six year old girl got measles because she attended a church gathering where a seventeen year old had just returned from a church mission in Bucharest Seventeenyearold girl was not vaccinated symptoms did not appear immediate and did not know she was infected Index case the first person to be infected and thus the source of the infections in all of the later patientsAlthough vaccination is mandatory for all children attending public schools in the United States in many states parents can file a personal belief exemption that allows them to forgo vaccination for their children for religious reasonsIllusion of cause our minds are built to detect meaning in patterns to infer casual relationships from coincidences and to believe that earlier events cause later ones 1 We perceive patterns where none exist and we misperceive them where they do exist Choosing to not vaccinate their children while knowing all added factors of the infectious diseasea Pareidolia the human minds tendency to promiscuously perceive meaningful visual patterns in randomness Diana Duyser case with the Virgin Mart Mother of God Grilled Cheese The Nun Bun was a cinnamon pastry whose twist rolls eerily resembled the nose and jowls of Mother Teresab The mark of true expertise is the ability to filter out irrelevant diagnoses Expert doctors consider first those few diagnoses that are most probable explanations for a pattern of symptomso The frequencies of diseases doctors encounter in urban teaching hospitals differ greatly from those in suburban
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