PSYC 1010 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Leta Stetter Hollingworth, Margaret Floy Washburn, American Psychological Association

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PSYC 1010 Full Course Notes
PSYC 1010 Full Course Notes
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Psyche means the soul, logos means the study of a subject; introduced in the 16th century. 18th century psychology was seen as the study of the mind . Psychology: is the science that studies behaviour & the physiological & cognitive processes that underlie it, & it"s the profession that applies the knowledge of this science to practical problems. In 1879 wundt (founder of psychology) established the first formal lab for research in psychology at the university of leipzig (germany) In 1881 wundt established the first journal devoted to research on psychology. A new science is born: the contributions of wundt & hall. By 1870"s many philosophers & physiologists were exploring questions about the mind. wundt believed psychology"s main focus was consciousness: the awareness of experience. many of his students branched out across germany & north america to study psychology. Between 1883-1893, around 24 new psychological research labs had been made in the us &