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Chapter 44

PSYC 1010 Chapter Notes - Chapter 44: Psychosis, Rigid Body, Amygdala

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PSYC 1010

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Disorder characterized by delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, inappropriate emotional
Mind's split from reality
Psychotic disorder
o Group of disorders marked by irrational ideas, distorted perceptions, and a loss of contact
with reality
Symptoms of Schizophrenia:
Display symptoms that are positive (inappropriate behaviors are present) or negative (appropriate
behaviors are absent)
o Positive symptoms experience hallucinations, talk in disorganized and deluded ways and
exhibit laughter, tears or rage inappropriately
o Negative symptoms may have toneless voices, expressionless faces or mutes, rigid bodies
Disturbed perception and beliefs:
Sometimes experience hallucinations such as tasting, feeling, or smelling things that exist only in
their minds
o Most often voices
o Sometimes makes insulting remarks or gives orders
False perceptions
o Delusions: false belief, often of persecution or grandeur that may accompany psychotic
o Disorganized, fragmented thinking often distorted by false beliefs
If they have paranoid tendencies, they may believe they are being threatened or pursued
Selective attention
o Easily distracted by tiny unrelated stimuli
Disorganized speech:
Jumbled ideas together that don't make sense in a sentence
Forming what is known as a word salad
Diminished and inappropriate emotions:
Expression of emotions are inappropriate
o Ex. Laughing at a loved one's death, crying when others laugh or being angry for no reason
Flat affect: state of no apparent feeling
Impaired theory of mind: have difficulty perceiving facial expressions and reading others' states of
Struggle to feel sympathy and compassion
Catatonia: motor behaviors ranging from a physical stupor-remaining motionless for hours to
compulsive actions to severe and dangerous agitation
Live in a private inner world, preoccupied with illogical ideas and unreal images
Sleep problems can increase night eating and obesity
Onset and development of Schizophrenia :
strikes when young people are maturing into adulthood
Men are struck more earlier, severely and more often
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