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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Intelligence and Psychological Testing

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Chapter 9Intelligence and Psychological TestingKey Concepts in Psychological TestingPsychological test a standardized measure of a sample of a persons behaviourPrinciple Types of TestsMental ability testsinclude three main subcategories o Intelligence tests measure general mental ability and intellectual potential o Aptitude tests asses specific types of mental abilities o Achievement tests gauge a persons mastery and knowledge of various aspects measure previous learningPersonality testsmeasure various aspects of personality including motives interests values and attitudesStandardization and NormsStandardization the uniform procedures used in the administration and scoring of a test o Same instructionsquestionstime limitsTest norms provide information about where a score on a psychological test ranks in relation to other scores on that test o Standardization groupthe sample of people that the norms are based onPercentile score the percentage of people who score at or below the score you have obtained Reliability Reliabilityrepeated measurements should yield reasonably similar resultsA tests reliability can be tested by checking o Testretest reliabilitywhen you compare a subjects scores on two administrations of the same testCan use correlational coefficients to determine the degree of relationship between the two scores the closer to 100 the more reliable the testCan give parallel forms to avoid the practice effect you may get from testretest reliability test the same things with different questions o Splittest reliabilitysee if the score of the first half of the test is roughly equal to the score of the second half of the testValidityValidity the ability of a test to measure what it is designed to measureWays of estimating validity o Content validitythe degree to which the content of a test is representative of the domain its supposed to coverClassroom tests o Criterionrelated validityestimated by correlating a subjects score on one test with his score on an independent criterion another test that measures the trait assessed by first testTests used to predict performance
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