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Chapter 12

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PSYC 2120
Ward Struthers

Chapter 12 Notes Helping behaviourHelping behaviour intended to assist another person recipient may or may not have requested assistance but the helper perceives that aid is neededProsocial Behaviour Action that provides benefit to other people o Encompasses helping but also includes actions that are not necessarily intended to assist others such as following the rules of a gameTypes of helping o 3 dimensions in helpingPlanned vs UnplannedSeriousness of problemInvolves distinction between giving what you have and doing what you can o Causal helpingTypically unplanned and not serious it can involve either giving what you have or doing what you canGiving someone a snack answering a short question o Emergency helpingUnplanned but it is serious and always involves doing what you canOffering assistance or calling for help after an accident returning money o Substantial personal helpingTypically planned often serious and can involve either giving what you have or doing what you canDoing laundry for someone Giving someone a long ride o Emotional helpingUsually planned and involves doing what you can can be either serious or not seriousGiving moral support being supportive o Causal helping and emergency helping typically involve strangers whereas substantial personal helping and emotional helping typically involve family or friendsAltruism vs Egoism o Helping others and helping yourselfHelping is associated with rewards and other positive outcomes and that not helping is associated with punishments and other negative outcomesEgoistic motivation motive for helping in order to obtain rewards or avoid punishment o Helping others for others sakeAltruistic motivation when the helpers end goal is simply to provide some benefit to another We must somehow infer the underlying motivation or infer state of helper
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