PSYC 3140 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Hypersomnia, Suicidal Ideation, Psychomotor Retardation

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1 Feb 2013
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Chapter 5 Mood Disorders and Suicide
- Accounts for 10% of disabilities and is increasing
- Somatic symptoms are related to physiological or bodily functions (includes fatigue,
aches and pains, serious changes in appetite and sleep patterns, hygiene, sexual drive)
- 6 basic emotions = happiness, sadness, fear, surprise, anger, disgust
- Emotions give us color, meaning, intensity in life, are short lived
- Moods are less intense but are longer term, can be seconds, minutes, hours, days
- Feeling = subjective representation of emotions
- Affect = pattern of observable behaviors associated with emotions (facial expression,
voice pitch)
- Clinical Syndrome = combination of emotional, cognitive, and behavioural symptoms
associated with a depressed mood ( ex. Clinical depression)
- Mood disorders = are defined in terms of episodes which are discreet periods of time in
which the person’s behavior dominated by manic or depressed mood or both
- Clinical Depression =
1.sadness persistent overtime,
2. mood change may occur in the absence of precipitating events,
3. impairs social and occupational functioning,
4. includes emotional, cognitive, somatic, or behavioral symptoms,
- Emotional Symptoms = brief negative emotions serve a useful communicating function, the
way we communicate, intense emotions become problematic to our daily functioning,
- Dysphoric mood = feeling gloomy, anxiety
- Mania = euphoria, elation, as well as irratibility
- Cognitive Symptoms = changes in the way people think and their surroundings, unrealistic
explanations, preoccupations and cognitive distortions, thinking slowed down or sped up,
memory difficulties, self-blame, suicidal ideation
-Behavioral Symptoms = apparent lack of caring for others, changes in the things people do and
how they do them, psychomotor retardation in depressed individuals (slow moving, slow
thoughts), sped up impulsive behavior in mania
- Unipolar Disorders = dysthymia, major derpressive disorder
-Bipolar Disorder = - bipolar 1 manic and mixed
- Bipolar 2
- Cyclothymic disorder
- Dysthymia = chronic mild depressive condition that has been present for many years (at
least 2), depressed mood most of the day on more days then not, plus 2 or more of the
following :
1. Poor appetite or overeating
2. Insomnia or hypersomnia
3. Low energy
4. Low self-esteem
5. Poor concentration or difficulty making decisions
6. Feelings of hopelessness