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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis

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PSYC 3140
Stephen Fleming

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Chapter 3 Clinical Assessment  the systematic evaluation and measurement of psychological, biological and social factors in an individual presenting with a possible psychological disorder. Diagnosis  the process of determining whether the particular problem afflicting the individual meets all the criteria for a psychological disorder. Value of Assessment depends on: 1. Reliability  the degree to which a measurement is consistent 2. Validity  the degree to which a technique measures what it is designed to Measure 3. Standardization  application of certain standards to ensure consistency across different measurements Mental Status Exam  Relatively coarse preliminary test of a client's judgment, orientation to time and place, and emotional and mental state; typically conducted during an initial interview. 1. Appearance and Behaviour 2. Thought Processes 3. Mood and affect 4. Intellectual functioning 5. Sensorium  general knowledge about surroundings – the date, time, location Behavioural Assessment  Measuring, observing, and systematically evaluating (rather than inferring) the client's thoughts, feelings, and behaviour in the actual problem situation or context. Projective Testing  Psychoanalytically based measures that present ambiguous stimuli to clients on the assumption that their responses will reveal their unconscious conflicts. Such tests are very inferential and lack high reliability and validity. - Rorschach Inkblot - Thematic Apperception Test Personality Inventories  Self-report questionnaires that assess personal traits by asking respondents to identify descriptions that apply to them. - Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory o Lie Scale (L) o Infrequency Scale (F) o Defensiveness Scale (K) o Cannot-Say Scale (?)
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