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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Somatoform & Dissociative Disorders

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York University
PSYC 3140
Stephen Fleming

Chapter 6Somatoform disorders Soma means body and the problems preoccupying these people seem to be initially physical disordersThere is usually no identifiable medical condition causing the physical complaintDissociative disordersDissociative experienceindividuals sometimes feel detached from their body and as if they are dreamingoIf experiences are so intense and extreme that they lose their memory or sense of realitydissociative disordersSomatoform and dissociative disorders are strongly linkedUsed to be categorized under one general headinghysterical neurosisHysteriawandering uterusAssociated with women and dramatic or histrionic behaviourFreud suggested conversion hysteriathe conversion of unconscious emotional conflicts into a more acceptable formNeurosisspecific cause for certain disordersNeurotic disorders resulted from underlying unconscious conflicts and the implementation of ego defence mechanismsSomatoform DisordersFive basic somatoform disorders1Hypochondriasis2Somatization disorder3Conversion disorder4Pain disorder5Body dysmorphic disorder HypochondriasisSomatoform disorder involving severe anxiety over the belief that the person has a disease process without any evident physical causeHas ancient rootsTo the Greeks hypochondria was the region below the ribs and the organs in this region affected mental stateoUlcers and abdominal disordersRuns in familiesFrequently comorbid with anxiety and mood disordersCharacterized by anxiety or fear that one has a serious diseasePreoccupied with bodily symptoms misinterpreting them as indicative of illness or diseaseReassurances from numerous doctors that the individual is healthy is only short term
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