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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 (Health Behaviors)- Health Psychology (can edi)

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PSYC 3170
Gerry Goldberg

Chapter 3 Health BehaviorsHealth PromotionIn general is the core idea that good health wellness of personal and collective achievement Promotion includes teaching people to do best to achieve good health and lifestyle and helping those at risk for a health problemBehavior factors in Disease and DisorderPatterns of disease has changed in the past 70 years in CanadaThere has been an increase in preventable disorders including lung cancer cardiovascular disease alcohol and other drug abuseThese behaviors are looked at as being associated with smoking poor diet physical inactivity and social behavioral factorsPromoting healthier choices will 1 reduce deaths due to lifestylerelated disease 2 will delay time of death 3 expand on the years of enjoyable life free from complicationsHealth behaviorsHealth Behavior behaviors in order to enhance or maintain healthHealth Habits health related behavior that is automatic and often preformed without awareness ie putting on a seatbelt in the car usually developed at ages 11 to 12Scientists promote good habits as followsSleeping 7 to 8 hours a night NOT smoking EATING breakfastNO MORE than two alcoholic drinks daily Getting REGULAR exerciseNOT eating between mealsBeing NO more than 10 over weight The more good health habits practiced above the less likely the person experiences illness and morality rates are also lowerPrimary PreventionInstilling good health habits and changing poor onesBehavioralchange methods are used to alter peoples bad habits The goal is to prevent ever taking on bad habits Influencing Health BehaviorsIncludes a variety of maintained social and individual factors and is influenced by social cultural and physical environments in which they occur Socioeconomic factors health behaviors differ according to demographic factors Age Health habits good in childhood poor in adult and adolescence and then restored in elder yearsGender Vary by age and developmental stage girls less likely to take part in sports than boysPersonal Control Health locus of control measures peoples perception of selves to be in control of their health
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