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Chapter 9

behaviour in groups ch. 9

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PSYC 3430
Peter K Papadogiannis

1Chapter 9 Behaviour in groups y Leadership y Intro o Leadershipguidance of others in their pursuits often by organizing directing supporting motivating effortsability to lead others y Nature of leadership o Leadership mythsOne of the most observed yet least understood phenomenaIs leadership power y Many believe ppl who manipulate control are good leader y Hitler leadership is moving the masses through any means y Constructive leaders work within the group others over the pplAre leaders born or made y Aristotle beloved innate y Studies show nurture nature play role y Some have qualities given yet diligent effort and mentoring can acquire Do all groups have leaders y Can happen but usually first to emerge in new groups y Larger groups likely to rely on 1 y Leaders appear when members feel success in reach reward of success valued group effort needed experienced person who had leadership is part of the group y Stress can warrant guidance danger as well y Men in group more likely than women to want leader y Centralization decreasedbut higher for men more tolerant of inequality and favour social hierarchyDo followers resist leaders y Most prefer to be led more satisfied and productive seek leadersy Appreciate leaders contribution in outcomes especially in conflicts y May exaggerate need if in conflict for a leader Do leaders make a difference y Leader helps when other fails to respond in crises y Ceo tend to increase performance sometimes leaders take opposite routeDo leaders make all the difference y Romance of leadership Western cultures Some ppl think they do everything y Easy assumptions for good or worse
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