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Chapter 1

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PSYC 3450
David Wiesenthal

Chapter 1 Environmental Psychology deals with the environment in two levels: 1. Concerned with environments as a determent or influence on behaviour and moods - Environment determines which behaviours are possible - Affordances: possibilities allowed or provided by an environment and are strong determinants of behaviour 2. Concerned with the consequences of behaviour on the environment Summary: How environments influence people; how people influence environment Environmental psychology: Is the study of the molar relationships between behaviour and experience and the built and natural environment Characteristics of environmental psychology  Study of environment-behaviour relationships as a unit  Study of the interrelationship of environment and behaviour  Environmental psychology is problem oriented(trys to solve real world problems)  An interdisciplinary and international appeal  An eclectic methodology(mixture of methods) How is Research in Environmental Psychology Done Experimental method: systematically varies an indenpendant variable and measures the effect on a dependent variable  Two forms of control are necessary in experimental research: - Only the independent variable is allowed to differ between expe
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