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Chapter 10

adult development and aging chapter 10

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PSYC 3490
Heather Jenkin

1Chapter 10 Adult Development Personality y Levels of analysis and personality research o Dispositional traits consistent traits across different contexts along continuum o Personal concernsimportant things to ppl their goals major lifeo Life narrativeaspect of personality that pull it all together integrate giving sense of self y Dispositional traits across adulthood o IntroPpls characteristics behaviours can be understood through dispositional traits which endure calm aggressive independent friendly3 assumptions made y 1Traits based on comparisons and no absolute quantity y 2Qualities making a trait must be distinctive enough y 3Traits are assumed to be stable y All 3 summed in definition of trait y Structure is important to organize with a person o The case for stability5 factor McRaefive factor modelopen extroversion neuroticism conscientiousnessagreeablenessneo studied mostNeuroticismy 6 facets anxiety hostility self conscious depression impulsive vulnerable anxhos most underlying trait for fearanger y self conscious and depression relate to emotions shame and sorrow y impulsive and vulnerablemanifested as behaviours not emotions y high neuroticism tend to be high on each trait violent negative emotions that interfere with ability to get along and handle probsExtroversion y 3 interpersonal trait warmthsociability gregariousnesscrowds assertivenessleaders y 3 temperamental traits activitybusy excitement seekingwant challenge positive emotionsdelight y Ppl high in extrohave ppl oriented jobs social work business admin sales humanitarian goals use of power y Low extroversion prefer task oriented architecture accountingOpenness to experience
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