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PSYC 3530
Guy Proulx

6 Imaging the Brains Activity Saturday September 21 2013 1230 PM IntroductionAngelo Mosso 18461910 first to experiment with the idea that changes in the flow of blood in the brain might provide a way of assessing brain function during mental activityVarious modern brainimaging methods o Electrical recording methods detect changes in the electrical activity of neurons o Brain stimulation methods induce changes in the electrical activity of the brain o Xray imaging methods are sensitive to the density of different parts of the brain the ventricles nuclei and pathways o Dynamic imaging methods record and manipulate ongoing changes in brain activity including the electrical activity of cells biochemical events differences in glucose consumption and the flow of blood to various regions Recording the Brains Electrical ActivityTechniques for recording the brains electrical activity include 1Singlecell recording An electrode is inserted directly into an animals brain adjacent to a single neuron and the neurons electrical activity is recorded on a computer thus supplying information about the activity of that neuronNot typically used with humans because of the invasive nature of the procedureThe activity from many individual neurons can be recorded simultaneouslyCorrelating cell activity with behaviorNeurons exhibit many different firing patterns depending on the animal species circumstancesNeurons encode information in several waysTime code the presence of an event is signaled by neural firing eg a light turning onFrequency code the rapidity of a cells firingMost neurons have a narrow behavioral repertory responding to only one kind of sensory event or behavior in singlecell recordings welllearned behaviors seem to be encoded by relatively sparse cortical activity whereas behaviors that
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