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Chapter 2

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PSYC 4010
Tifrah Warner

Child Development: Thinking about Theories Chapter 2: pg 26-44 From Darwin to DNA: Biologically Based Theories of Development How far was Darwin really the forefather of developmental psychology?  Individual differences, the adaptation of organisms to the environment and a broadening of investigative methodologies  Natural selection – missing in developmental psychology  Weak influence of Darwinian theory on developmental psychology 1. Phylogeny and ontogeny (differences) 2. Methodology 3. Moral values Ethology  Innate behaviours  Critical period/sensitive period  Imprinting  Researched based on observation, focus on proximate behaviour than ultimate factors (broader perspective – function and evolution) Sociobiology  Wilson; genes to survive and reproduce  3 tenets 1. Interspecies comparisons and notion of homology 2. Notion of heritability 3. Adaptation – outcomes of evolution  Essence of the approach – human is subtenant of genes, selfish gene, homology and hereditary estimates, adaptation and any criticisms in the approach  Criticisms: hereditary estimates – problems with this – not enough research Evolutionary developmental psychology  Epigenetics – interplay between genetic and ecological conditions to determine the phenotype  Attachment = epigenetic process  Theory of mind  Epigenetic processes are responsible for phenotypes  Reading is a cultural expression of language Behaviour genetics = a focus on today’s nature/nurture debate  Individual diff
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