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Chapter 3

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SOCI 2510
David Ellis

Chapter 3 CultureClass NotesCulturesymbolic as well as material contents such as values norms beliefs behaviours etca societys way of lifeCulture is a great way to explain behaviour in sociologyCultureethnicity class gender religion category of peopleStratification breaking down into class high middle low lowestinequalityinequality good helps people try to improve the societyFirst Nations people were treated the worstCountries are stratified by rankings eg Norway being the best and Nijang being the lowestFeminismsome focus on socialization some focus on gender inequality trying to change the status of men and women changing gender socializationSome feministstrying to change the structure of societypeople for the same jobs get paid the same regardless of genderCarol SmartSociety is diff from cultureSociety organized interaction by persons within a geographically or political area guided by a culture that establishes boundaries between one society and anotherNo cultureno societySociety organized stable interaction between peoplechildren raised in isolation from family and adults cannot feel think like normal humansinteraction would be difficult if languages differ there would be misunderstandingsFrench Canadians Hells Angels First Nations but the ALL share a national culturerespecting laws respecting diversityits important not to generalize individuals in a particular ethnic group beliefs values etcthis is stereotypingBountiful BCbigamy is acceptable according to countsbut illegal everywhere else in CanadaEthnocentrismwe think our culture is better than those of othersEach culture has diff lawseg beating children is right in one culture but against the law in our culture in CanadaHells Angels represent a subcultureshare a Canadian culturehigh value based on moneyShare mainstream culture but differentiate it based on their norms and cultures
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