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SOCI 3810- Pathological Approach to Crime

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SOCI 3810
Carmela Murdocca

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1The Pathological Approach to Crime Individually Based Theories Heidi RimkePrevalent notions of criminals as sick or psychopathicoThose who commit crimes are represented as inherently bad or defective individuals suffering from pathologyPathological perspective rooted in Western human sciences whereby criminality is akin to sickness or illnessoCentral to the pathological approach is the idea that criminality is inherent in the individual that it can be explained by isolating biological differences psychological differences or bothoAlso a positivist approach using natural sciences to apply to the objective study of criminalitythBefore the 18 century ideas about evil and human nature were derived from religious framework developed by church authorities It related to supernatural forces to frame theories of criminalityoBut with the Enlightenment scientific theories had replaced thatthth century and early 20 Positivist criminology of late 19 centuryhypothesized that criminality had to do with biological physiological or psychological factors or all three Thi
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