COMM 360 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Communication Theory, Determinism, Heredity

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Chapter 2
Objective approach:
- The assumption that truth is singular and is accessible through unbiased sensory
observation; committed to uncovering cause-effect relationships
Resonance Principle of Communication successful persuasive messages evoke past
experiences that create resonance between the message and the person’s thoughts or feelings
- Resonance = persuasion
Interpretive approach:
- The linguistic work of assigning meaning or value to communicate texts; assumes that
multiple meanings or truths are possible
Humanists study what it’s like to be another person in a specific time or place
- use the interpretive approach
Determinism the assumption that behavior is caused by heredity and environment
- falls under the objective approach
Every general communication theory has two priorities: effectiveness and participation
Effectiveness focuses on successful communication
- falls under the objective approach
Participation focuses on the possibility that all point of views will affect the collective decision
- falls under interpretive approach
Most theorists are not either objective or interpretive; they fall on a continuum:
Objective Interpretive
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