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HIST 1011
Owen Stanwood

Stanwood: Beinburg: BOTH: - They both use examples in picture slides. - They both talk about the purpose of the lecture in the very beginning of class. o They both introduce major groups and topics that would lead up to the purpose of the lecture. o Start with a story that will eventually lead to the purpose. - They both tell mini informal stories (she talked about a catholic - Relates back to the main purpose of the lecture at the end of the lecture. Notes: Religion is a community Religion can unite or divide: can happen at the same time Reform movements: educated in a religion During this time: small signals were used to see who was Lutherans or catholics During the conflict of these two communities, their way of life is die and take people with you, not live and let live. Thien Dam 10/30/12 Activity #4: Lecture: “Religion, War, and Peace in the Wake of the Reformation,” by Virginia Reinburg I was taking down notes while listening to the lecture online. After the lecture was done, I compared both the lecture notes I took from Mr. Stanwood’s lecture and the Reinburg’s. What I found out was that both lecture styles are very similar. Ther
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