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Chapter 1

SMG MK 445 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Consumer Behaviour

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SMG MK 445
Didem Kurt

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Chapter 1 Understanding Consumer Behavior
1.1 Defining Consumer Behavior
Consumer behavior: the totality of consumers decisions with respect to the acquisition,
consumption and disposition of goods, services, time and ideas by human decision
making units (over time)
1.1a Consumer Behavior Involves Goods, Services, Activities, Experiences, People, and Ideas
How we use time reflects who we are, what our lifestyles are like, and how we are both
the same and different from others
Offering: a product, service, or idea offered by a marketing organization to consumers
1.1b Consumer Behavior Involves More Than Buying
Marketers are interested in consumer behavior related to using and disposing of a product
Acquiring an Offering
Acquisition: buying, and ways of obtaining goods and services, like renting,
trading, sharing
Studies show that interruption actually makes a pleasant experience seem more
enjoyable when resumed
Deadlines can affect acquisition behavior
Consumers tend to procrastinate in redeeming coupons and gift cards with
far future deadlines but move more quickly when deadlines are close
Using an Offering
After consumers acquire an offering they use it
Usage: at the core of consumer behavior and the process by which a consumer
uses an offering
The products we use show what we are, what we value etc. ex. What we eat on
Disposition of an Offering
Disposition: consumer discards an offering can have important implications for
They can give away, sell, rent, or lend them
Managing Money and Making Financial Decisions
Know how to budget and plan for ordinary purchases but underestimate spending
on out of the ordinary purchases and spend more than they anticipated
1.1c Consumer Behavior is a Dynamic Process
The sequence of acquisition, consumption, disposition can occur over time in a dynamic
1.1d Consumer Behavior Can Involve Many People
The individuals engaging in consumer behavior can take on one or more roles
Information gatherer, influencer (affects the outcome of the decision), purchaser
(pays for the car), user, disposer
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