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Chapter 11

MKTG 345 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11: Hong Kong, Mixed Language, Information Privacy

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MKTG 345

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Global social media marketing chapter 11
Things to overcome when dealing with global social media marketing
- How to meet needs of an audience that speaks multiple languages
- How to be responsive when customers may be in several different time zones
- How to support differing interests, products, cultures and regulations
- How to segment and prioritize social media efforts
What are the challenges global brands face?
1. Language
- Multiple blogs in multiple languages or just a single blog all in english
- Do you allow mixed- language content on your youtube channel or twitter feed?
2. Platform
- How do you evaluate and prioritize these platforms
3. Culture and policy
- Offensive content in foreign country
- Global sensitivity
4. Timezones
- What happens if a customer in spain complains on twitter about your product and
no one in that timezone is authorized to act?
5. Product messages
- Products designed to support regulatory or legal requirements may differ from
country to country
Social media around the world by countries
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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