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Adam Johnson

Humanistic vs. PsychoanalyticApproaches February 25, 2014 • 3 Tyrants: Id superego, and Reality • Goal of therapy: safe place to play out all of the threatening and unwanted desires —work through these desires with a psychiatrist • Mental illness arises when coping strategies • Conflict that brings people to a clinical office (according to humanistic approach): denial and distortion of one’s genuine feelings and desires, usually because one believes others disapprove. • Carl Rogers: Conditional reward: ‘I will love you only if you are a certain way.’ • Victor Frankl:Austrian Jew—man search for meaning—insightful read to the prisoner o Wanted to treat people so that he could help them find a meaning to keep going o Writes about how the prisoners lose will to live, they physiologically gave up as well as psychologically • Goal of therapist is to restore trust in he patient to fulfill intruistic desires rather than external desires • Therapist role is to not give them advice or what to do—job is really to provide unconditional positive regard and support—validation when they start to express I have always been taught this, but I really want to do this—go do what make you happy • Humanists care about self-actualization: which is an inherit tendency of the organism to dev
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