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Communication Arts and Sciences
CAS 100B
Adam Perry

CAS 100B Effective Group Discussion: Theory and Practice Chapter 2  Context- the situation or environment that influences the dynamics of communication  Communication- a transactional process by which people simultaneously create, interpret, and negotiate share meaning through their interaction  Symbol- an arbitrary, human creation used to represent something with which it has no inherent relationship; all words are symbols  Message- any action, sound, or word used in interaction  Listening- receiving and interpreting oral and other signals from another person or source  Principles of communication 1. Symbolic 2. Personal 3. It is a transactional process 4. Not always intentional 5. Involves content and relationship dimensions  People-oriented listener- a listener who is sensitive to others, non-judgemental, and concerned about how his behaviors affects others; can become distracted from the task by others’ problems  Action-oriented listener- a listener who focuses on the task, remembers details, and prefers an organized presentation  Content-oriented listener- a listener sensitive to time; may by impatient or try to move the group prematurely to closure  Active listening-listening with the intent of understanding a speaker the way a speaker wishes to be understood and paraphrasing your understanding so the speaker can confirm or correct the paraphrase  Paraphrase- restatement in one’s own words of what one understood a speaker to mean  C
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