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Chapter 4

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ANTH 210
Don Conlee

Chapter 4 Thursday, January 30, 2014 3:42 PM I. 3 Key Features of Language a. Symbolism i. Association of sounds with meaning b. Displacement i. Ability to communicateabout something in the past (or future or not happening at the moment) c. Productivity i. Ability to join words in infinite meaningful combinations II. Language a. Phonology i. Study of sound system in language b. Phonemic i. Analysis to differentiate meaning of words c. Phonetics i. Study of articulation d. Phoneme i. Minimal word/unit of sound (ex. Bit and pit) e. Morphology i. Study of internal structure of word (ex. prejudice; pre=before,jud=to judge ice=the ability) f. Morpheme i. A unit of sound III. Componentsof language a. Syntax i. Words and phrases that make a sentence b. Semantics i. Systems of meaning c. Grammar i. Abstract rules underlini
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