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Chapter 15

PSY BEH 104S Chapter Notes - Chapter 15: Shelley E. Taylor, Fundamental Attribution Error, Safe SexExam

Psychology and Social Behavior
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Joanne Zinger

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Test your Chapter 15 comprehension by circling the best answer to these multiple choice questions:
1. Increasing self-efficacy:
A. Increases learned helplessness
B. Leads people to make internal attributions for their failure to become more healthy
C. Increases people ability to alter their behaviors in a healthy way
D. Leads people to make global attributions for their failure to become more healthy
2. People who are ____ tend to have better health outcomes.
A. Type B
B. Type A
C. Pessimistic
D. None of the above
3. Research on negative life events and health has shown that:
A. The more negative life events one has recently experienced, the more likely one will develop
health problems
B. Racism is unrelated to health
C. Despite common wisdom, negative life events and health are unrelated
D. Negative life events cause worse health
4. Research with elderly nursing home occupants showed that:
A. Inducing control led to increased happiness, but no difference in overall mortality
B. Perceived control mattered little at this late stage of life
C. Inducing control led to increased happiness and lowered mortality
D. Inducing control put more pressure on the elderly, leading to increased mortality
5. Shelley Taylor and her colleagues have suggested that women’s response to stress is best characterized by a
_____” response.
A. Cognitive withdrawal
B. Fight or flight
C. Cognitive activation
D. Tend and befriend
6. What is it about opening up to others that can lead to a reduction of the negative effects of a stressful event?
A. Becoming more pessimistic after opening up
B. An increase in thought suppression after opening up
C. Creating a coherent narrative that helps people come to grips with the event
D. An increase in the fight or flight” response after opening up
7. Students who had advocated safe sex to high schoolers and were made to recall when they had not practiced
safe sex themselves were found to be more likely to practice safe sex in the future. This is due to:
A. The fundamental attribution error
B. Type A behavior
C. Unrealistic optimism
D. Cognitive dissonance
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