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MMW 14 Chapter Reading: MMW 14 Chapter : Rousseau -- On Social Contract or Principles of Political RightPremium

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Making of the Modern World
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MMW 14
Edmond Chang

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Book One
Chapter 1
Man should be free
No man can take away another man’s freedom that that man cannot regain
There has to be some sort of agreement that allows the order of society to remain
Chapter 2
The most basic of societies is the family unit
Children usually leave and become independent once they are able to take care
of themselves
The fact that the family unit remains intact after the children grow up is purely
Men are not naturally slaves, but once they are slaves they give up everything
Men should not be ruled by absolute rulers
Chapter 3
The “right” of the strongest man to rule is a fallacy
This means that anyone who can prove themselves stronger can rule
This form of rule is too flimsy to be legitimate and the constant changes of the
hands that hold power makes it far too unstable (and unsafe)
Obey only legitimate forms of rule
Chapter 4
Even if a man decides to give up all of his liberty to another man, his children cannot be
expected to do the same
All people are born free and have the right to make any decision regarding their
own freedom
Kings enslave their subjects
The people give everything to their kings, including their property and most of
their freedom
No man has the right to enslave any other man
No man has a right to any other mans life
Slavery is abhorrent and unacceptable
Any legitimate form of rule is based on an agreement, and no one in their right
mind would agree to an arrangement that is only a detriment to them at the
complete benefit of another
Chapter 5
Absolute rulers are not true leaders and their kingdoms are not true societies
They are men with a bunch of slaves
The lack of association is shown by the fact that their holdings are split up and
collapse when they die
There has to be an agreed upon mode of operating between the governors and the
Chapter 6
In order to create the ideal society, people need to enter a social pact
In the social pact, every man gives to every other man some of his liberty and
receives some of the liberty of every other man in return
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