MGMT 3000 Chapter Notes - Chapter 12: Nonverbal Communication, Trait Theory, Management System

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Chapter 12
The Leader
Who is a Leader? Traits and Skills
“Great Man” theory (trait theory) explained leadership by examining the
traits and characteristics of individuals considered to be historically great
o Effective leaders possess a similar set of traits and characteristics
o Believed that these people were born with extraordinary qualities;
theory did not last long
Traits-based leadership theory tries to reveal a set of universal traits
and skills that are relevant in all leadership situations
o Self-confidence in company and employees and a drive to take
initiative (take risks) is very important in leaders
Leadership Skills:
o Cognitive a leaders ability to gather and process large amounts
of information, create suitable strategies, solve problems and make
correct decisions
o Technical a leaders knowledge about an organization and job-
related activities
Expertise in a field or activity need to be proficient in the
methods, processes, and equipment that their subordinates
Knowledge about an organization or industry rules,
structure, and management systems
o Interpersonal a leaders ability to interact with others
Effective communication use of symbolic, verbal and
nonverbal communication to influence or develop strong
coalitions with people
Social competency ability to be aware of how other
people’s attitudes, assumptions and beliefs are related to
their behaviors and motivation
o Character core values and fundamental beliefs that drive
behavior in variable situations
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