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Chapter 22

BIOL 102 Chapter Notes - Chapter 22: Multicellular Organism, Membrane Transport, Collagen

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BIOL 102
Allison Smith

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Character 22: Human Nutrition
What are basic human nutritional requirements?
o Fuel
o Building blocks
Organic molecules containing C,O,H,N,P
o Essential nutrients: must be obtained in food
Cannot be synthesized by organisms(humans)
Essential amino acids
o 8 of 20 amino acids are essential
o Can all be contained from meat
Essential fatty acids
What are essential nutrients?
o Essential amino acids(8)
o Essential fatty acids
Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
o Minerals
Calcium, iron, iodine, potassium, etc.
o Vitamins
Organic molecules
What are vitamins?
o A:precursor to pigment important for vision
o B:precursors to molecules important for aerobic respiration(breaking glucose into
oxygen, catalyst is heat)
o C:Anitoxidant, important for collagen synthesis
o D:Absorption of calcium and phosphorus for bone growth
o E:Antioxidant
o K:precursor for blood clotting molecules
What are minerals?
What are the basic functions of the vitamins?
Chapter 23:Circulatory System
Why is the circulatory system needed in complex organisms?
Singe cell vs multicellular organism
What are the two main methods that gases, nutrients, and wastes are transported to cells?
Bulk flow
Membrane transport
o Diffusion: moving from higher areas of concentration to lower areas of concentration
Ex. Perfume spreading
State the organs of the vertebrate circulatory system
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